Sunday worship at 9:30 a.m.

About Us

St. Paul’s of German Lake, a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran church in America, is a rural church with a couple of differences. 

The first difference is our unique location.

We are right in the middle of farm country, and as our name implies, we are also right in the middle of lake country.  Our members and friends come from Waterville, Morristown, Cleveland, Elysian, Madison Lake, Janesville, Waseca, LeCenter, St. Peter and even Mankato. 

Those who worship with us are country folks and town people along with lake dwellers, old and young, retired, working or raising lively families.  We are life-long Lutherans, as well as those whose life journey has brought them more recently into the fellowship of Lutheran Christianity.

The other difference is our appearance.

Our classic white, tall-steepled church was struck by lightning and burned to the ground in 1972.  At that time the congregation pulled itself up, dusted itself off, and was “resurrected” in a building of a more minimalist architectural style, which opens into a gracious and welcoming worship and fellowship space.  So, don’t come for the steeple; come for the people!


Wherever you are on your faith journey,
you are welcome at St. Paul’s of German Lake

St. Paul's Lutheran Church of German Lake
22693 German Lake Rd
Cleveland, Minnesota 56017